Reduce your loan payment by reducing what you owe.
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Principal Reduction Program

A Principal Reduction is a renegotiated mortgage agreement between you and your new Lender. Our "Principal Balance Reduction Program" is a highly effective and innovative option for homeowners who need to reduce their mortgage payments and hold on to their homes.

As opposed to a loan modification, the Principal Reduction Program reduces the principal balance, resulting in a lower mortgage payment.

Also, unlike a loan modification, the Principal Reduction program does not have to rely on your bank being amenable to renegotiating the terms of your mortgage note with them.


Rather, the mortgage note is bought from your Note Holder, Investor, or Bank by your new Lender. Your terms are guaranteed before you decide to accept your new mortgage arrangement with your new Lender.

  • Homeowners in owner and non-owner occupied residences may qualify.
  • Your income is the primary determining factor.
  • Your Credit score does not affect your ability to qualify.

These are the Advantages & Benefits to the Principal Reduction Program:

  • Reduction in principal mortgage balance to current market value
  • 30 year fixed loan program
  • On average monthly mortgage payment reduced by 25%-50%
  • No credit score needed to qualify
  • 4-6 month turnaround time
  • Never lose title\ownership of your home
  • Not a lease option program
  • No tax repercussions
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